Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa

How often have you dreamt of travelling to Canada and exploring the nooks and corners of this beautiful country? Well, a tourist visa can help you make this dream come true. It lets you enter Canada for business inquiries, family visitation purposes or simple travelling purposes.

If you want to explore Canada, a tourist visa is one of the most effective ways to do that. You can see and be a part of diverse communities and even form a strong professional network after entering Canada with your tourist visa.

The tourist visa lets you visit Canada for six months.

There are two ways of acquiring the permit:

  1. The single entry option which lets you enter Canada just one time. 
  2. The multiple entry option lets you travel to one from Canada innumerable times for up to six months. 

The eligibility requirements are :

  • A valid passport but should be valid for at least six months. 
  • Zero criminal records in your name. 
  • Meeting the health requirements. 
  • Proof of financial means to support your resign Canada. 
  • Strong reasons to visit the country. 

What are the additional proof documents required? 

  • A business letter from the company where you’re going to work. 
  • Flights and hotel booking evidence to prove your trip was genuine. 
  • Return flight ticket. 
  • Return flight tickets previous travel proof outside of your country. 
  • Property. 
  • Automobiles. 
  • Tax receipts. 

We are here to help 

The eligibility criteria are often confusing. What if you miss an important criterion? That could make it impossible for you to be eligible for the program. We are here to help you understand the eligibility criteria thoroughly. Our team at Green Leaf Immigration and Paralegal Services helps you get through the application process without the involvement of stress.

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