Super Visa

Super Visa

The Canadian super visa allows grandparents and parents to visit their children for up to two years. The visa provides immigrants multiple entries into the country and stays valid for 10 years.

Eligibility criteria for the Super Visa 

  • The first step to applying for the Super visa to Canada is to be the parent or grandparent of a citizen or permanent resident of Canada. 
  • The parent or grandparent should also have a signed letter in hand from their grandchildren who are inviting them to stay in Canada. 
  • There should also be an obligation letter where your grandchild must agree to support your entire length of visit in Canada. The letter should also convey how many people live in the home and demonstrate that they can support you during your trip to Canada. 
  • Also, ask your grandchild to include hard or his Canadian residency proof or Canadian citizenship proof in the letter before sending it. 
  • You are also required to take medical insurance from an insurance company in Canada. The immigration officers ask for proof of medical insurance which should have a validity of at least one year during the application process. So make sure you have this document as well.

What is the financial proof required for this program? 

You need to provide substantial proof of your grandchildren’s ability to financially support the grandparents during the trip. The immigration department can also request the tax invoice for up to three years. You may also be asked to produce the employment insurance stubs to prove your status of employment in case you are a seasonal worker. You may also have to provide pay stubs bank statements and your employment letter.

How can we help? 

Our consultants at Green Path Immigration and Paralegal Services help you get through this complicated process efficiently. We make the process smooth. From taking care of your documentation to reducing the processing time, we help you out with everything involved in the application procedure.

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