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Landlord and Tenant Paralegals

Landlord and Tenant Paralegals

When dealing with a landlord-tenant disagreement, having the appropriate information and answers to your queries is critical. Paralegal Services provided representation. Legal Landlord and Tenant Paralegal Services ensures that the Landlord and Tenant Board’s complicated rules and procedures are correctly followed and utilized for your benefit.
Our services are both effective and economical. We can assist you with Tenant and Landlord applications and represent you at Landlord and Tenant Board hearings while conforming to the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA).
Do you feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available on your topic? We can assist you. Our Landlord and Tenant Paralegals will provide you with the assistance you need to protect and enforce your rights at any time.
In Toronto, the GTA, and the surrounding area, our professional paralegals are leaders in Landlord and Tenant conflicts. Their success is due to their extensive knowledge of the Landlord and Tenant Board of Ontario.
Do you require assistance in ensuring or enforcing your rights under the Residential Tenancies Act? Don’t put it off. Our Tenant and Landlord Paralegal Services can provide you with information and answers to your questions right now.
If you’re a landlord dealing with late rent payments or non-payment of rent, our paralegals can help you apply and interpret the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Act correctly. You could be taken to small claims court if you cause wilful or negligent damage to your rental unit. Tribunal Order Judgments may require assistance in their enforcement. Small claims court can be a tense experience. It’s always better to have our paralegal representation on your side to help you through small claims court while providing you with the support you need.
As a tenant, you are aware that the regulations of the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Act must be observed if you are asked to move. Your rent cannot be increased without sufficient notice, and your dwelling unit must be kept in excellent repair and safe, as required by the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Act. Allow our paralegals to provide you with the information you require to have your issues heard and positively addressed.

Whether you’re a tenant, a landlord, a condo owner, or a condo board member, our paralegals can help you through difficult landlord-tenant interactions. Residential tenancy law is defined by a basic piece of legislation that spells out landlords’ and tenants’ rights and responsibilities. It also establishes the Landlord and Tenant Board, an independent administrative venue for resolving disputes.

Our firm assists customers with concerns such as when they appear before the Landlord and Tenant Board.

⦁ failure to pay rent;
⦁ Increases in rent;


⦁ committing criminal conduct in a rented unit or complex,
⦁ maintenance concerns, and a slew of others.
A landlord or tenant can make an application for a resolution of their respective rights under the Residential Tenancies Act. Our firm has a track record of successfully defending both landlords and tenants before the Landlord and Tenant Board on a variety of issues.
Real estate is one of the most lucrative businesses in which to invest. That is why many of people spend their hard-earned money in pre-construction homes and condominiums with the intention of renting them out.
However, the majority of these individuals fail to recognize that having enough money to acquire homes is insufficient to succeed in the real estate industry. You’ll also need a thorough understanding of the Residential Tenancies Act to flourish in this field.
In this industry, a lot of things can go wrong. You will inevitably have disagreements with your renters because you are dealing with a large number of people that have different ideas, personalities, and mind-sets than you.
And if things go very bad, you might have to go to court against each other. You may need the assistance of a landlord-tenant paralegal Toronto can rely on to win this battle.
Rent arrears/non-payment of rent
If your tenant has not paid their monthly rent, we can assist you in properly reading the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Act so that you can select the appropriate course of action.
If the only option to resolve the matter is through the court system, we can assist you with all of the necessary preparations and arrangements to present your case in court properly and accurately. If a landlord intends to evict a tenant after the landlord-tenant board has issued an eviction order, the landlord has the option of filing a claim in Toronto small claims court for any arrears owed. Reporting delinquent tenants to the Landlord Credit Bureau is another alternative that is growing increasingly common. Landlords can report non-paying tenants here so that other landlords can see their rental history.
This action, also known as a tenancy for cause, can be filed if your tenant, his friends, or anyone else living in the apartment breaks the landlord-tenant agreement that you both signed and agreed on.
Because some of the activities that lead to eviction are subjective, this is a difficult issue. The first step in this process is to give the renter official notice. The Landlord and Tenant Board must issue official notices. Our goal is to ensure that you use the appropriate notices. Furthermore, we are available to assist you in properly filling out the notices. Filling out these paperwork incorrectly will cost you not only the case, but also your valuable time, effort, and money.