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Study Permit Extension

Study Permit Extension

Increase the length of your study permit or get back on track with your academic career.

Concerning the procedure

According to the expiration date of your study permit, you will have to cease your studies and depart Canada.
Your permit’s expiration date can be seen in the upper right corner of the document. This period is usually the same as the duration of your study program plus an additional 90-day period. You will have an additional 90 days to prepare for your departure from Canada or to prolong your stay in Canada.
If you want to continue your studies,
You must apply for an extension of your study permit. The following information is required in order to renew your study permit:.

When should you use it?

If you want to continue your studies in Canada, you must file for a study permit extensions at least 30 days prior your study permit expires.

How to Submit an Application

You’ll learn everything you’ll need to know about applying for jobs online, as well as how to do it. In the event that your permit has expired, you should follow these steps: To continue studying in Canada after your current study permit expires, you must file an application study permit in order to regain your status as an authorized temporary resident.
How does it work when you travel outside of Canada?
Included are the documents you’ll require to re-enter Canada.
If you wish to remain in Canada but are no longer enrolled in a course of study, you must apply for a work permit.
To continue your studies in Canada after graduating, you can apply for a work permit; if you have completed your studies and are eligible, you can apply to modify your status and continue your studies as a visitor; or you can leave Canada.
It is mandatory for you to leave Canada if your study permit expires and you have not requested for an extension.

When should you renew your study permit?

Applicants who wish to continue their studies must submit an application for an extension of their study permission at least 30 days before their permit expires.

Keep in mind that your passport may be expiring simultaneously time. It is not possible to extend your study permission beyond the expiration date of your passport. It is possible to continue studying under the same terms as your existing study permit until our decision is reached if you submit your application prior to the expiration of your current study permit. This is only valid for as long as you are a resident of Canada. Even if you conclude your studies sooner than expected, your study permission will expire on the earlier of the two dates listed on the permit or 90 days after the day on which you complete your studies.

When does the period of 90 days begin?


If you receive your first acknowledgment from your school (such as an emails, letters, or record) that you have finished your program or when you receive your degree, diploma, or certificate, the 90-day period begins on the date you received that notification.
If you are unable to provide proof of the date on which you were initially contacted by your institution, we will utilize the document’s earliest issue date. We will check with your school to make sure this date is available.
Even if your school is no currently on the DLI list, you may still be eligible for federal funding.

Time required for processing

Thirty-six days

The average amount of time it takes from the time an application is submitted to the time we make a decision is referred to as processing time. More information about processing times can be found here. You have the option of continuing your studies until your present permission expires or transferring to another DLI.

When planning to leave Canada, whether before or after applying for a study permit extension, remember that you will not be permitted to re-enter unless you already have a legitimate study permit or a letter of introduction proving that you were authorised for a study permit, and your DLI is on the acceptance letter of DLIs with an accepted COVID-19 readiness plan, as well as a valid boarding pass.

How to request an extension of your study permit

Extending your study permit is often done through an online application. Applicants who have a disability that makes it hard to apply online, or who experience technical difficulties with the online application, may be able to submit their applications on paper. How applying online might be beneficial to you Without the need for courier expenses or mail delivery delay, your application is received immediately.. It is possible that your application will be handled more rapidly. It assists you in ensuring that your application is complete before to submitting it.

If we need you to provide more papers, you can do so swiftly and easily online. In your online account, you will receive notifications on the status of your application as it progresses.
There is no difference between a student permit and a visa.

What you’ll really ought to re-enter Canada after leaving the country is explained here.

Step one is to double-check that you have everything you need.
A scanner or camera to produce digital versions of your documentation, as well as a validated credit or debit card, are required for online applications.

Step two is to read the instruction manual.
You must read the policy handbook before completing your application, even if you are applying online. Each field on the form is explained in detail in the handbook.

Step three is to Get ready for the online tool by preparing your answers.
You must first answer a few questions before uploading your forms. We’ll develop a custom documentation evaluation for you based on your responses.

Step four is to figure out how much you’ll have to spend in fees.
The majority of the time, your costs will include service charges for both you and anyone else on your application. At the conclusion of your application, we will ask you to pay your fees.
Step five is create or login in to your online account.
To apply online, you must first create an account. You can pay your fees using your account. Check the status of your application after you’ve submitted it.

If you are unable to apply online

If you are unable to apply online due to a handicap or if the online application is not working properly, you can complete a paper application.
What Should You Do If Your Permit Has Expired?
If any of the following apply to you, you will lose your student status in Canada:
You didn’t apply for a new study permit because your old one had expired. You altered the terms of your study permission, such as your DLI kind of study, study location, and study period. You did not follow the terms of your study permission. You won’t be able to study in Canada until your status as a student has been restored.

How to reclaim your student status
If your study permission expires but you continue to meet the criteria of your stay and follow the terms of your study permit, you may petition to have your student status restored.
You should submit an application study permit and pay your fees if you want to continue studying in Canada. If you want to prolong your time as a student, use the document checklist and instructions. You are welcome to stay in Canada while your application is being processed, but there is no certainty that your application will be approved.