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Provincial Nominee Program

 Provincial Nominee Program or PNP

The federal government is behind the immigration rules and regulations. The government has allowed certain Canadian provinces to nominate individuals who they want to settle in their province. The PNP or Provincial Nominee Program makes this possible. There are multiple streams under PNP. Each stream caters to different categories of immigrants. Some provinces provide family support through which family members can sponsor other people to come to Canada.

Who can apply for the PNP?

Workers can apply for the PNP if they:

  • Have the education, skills and work experience to add value to the economy of specific territory or province
  • Want to acquire permanent residence in Canada
  • Want to live in that particular province

Each territory and province consists of their own streams which have its own specific requirements.

What are the application options?

Firstly, you need to pass a medical exam and a police check to be eligible for the process. Prior to that, you can opt for either of these options to apply for the program:

Paper-based application process

  • You are required to meet the eligibility criteria of the province that nominates you
  • Submit a paper application to the IRCC for permanent residence.

The Express Entry application process

  • Contact the territory or province to apply for nomination
  • Create an EE profile once you are nominated.

List of Canadian Provinces under PNP

  1. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program
  2. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program
  3. Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program
  4. Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program
  5. Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program
  6. Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program
  7. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program
  8. New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program
  9. Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program
  10. Northwest Territories Nominee Program
  11. Yukon Nominee Program

No matter which option you choose, getting through the hectic application process isn’t an easy feat. But, our unmatched quality guidance will help you get approved for the program efficiently. We will provide you with all the essential insights and knowledge required to get through the program successfully.