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Permanent Residence Program

 Canadian Permanent Residence

You can be a permanent resident of Canada if you’ve been granted permanent resident status through Canadian immigration. Remember, a permanent resident is not a Canadian citizen. All permanent residents are citizens of other countries. Once you become permanent residents you are required to maintain the permanent resident status by meeting certain specific requirements like the residency obligation.

What are the benefits of being a permanent resident in Canada?

Here is what permanent residents get to enjoy:

  • The right to live work and study anywhere in Canada
  • Easy access to Canadian social services and healthcare
  • Protection under the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms and Canadian law
  • The ability to apply for Canadian citizenship
  • The ability to use a Canadian permanent resident card to leave and enter Canada’s borders.

Several immigration pathways help an individual become a Canadian permanent resident. Programs such as business immigration, economic immigration and sponsorship provide valuable options for acquiring permanent residence status in Canada.

Applying for permanent residence cards

You are eligible to apply for the PR card once your permanent residence is approved. The PR card reflects the individual’s PR status in Canada. You can use it to travel in and out of the country as well.

What is a PRTD?

Appeal TD or a permanent resident travel document allows Canadian permanent residents living outside of Canada to enter Canada seamlessly. This document remains valid for a single entry to Canada.

What is the role of green path immigration and paralegal services here?

Are you looking forward to acquiring permanent residence in Canada? You have come to the right place. Our team will ask you a set of questions required to determine your eligibility status and the right program suitable for your purpose. We will then guide you through the overall application process unless you get what you are looking for.