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Express Entry Program

 Express Entry Program

Canada is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the whole world. Whether you want to enhance your work experience or pursue higher education, Canada has a wide slew of opportunities for all. You may find a wide variety of Canadian immigration programs out there on the web. The problem is choosing the right one that will serve your purpose. This is where the Express Entry immigration program comes into play.

The Express Entry immigration program is one of the most effective ways to immigrate to Canada and fulfill your Canadian dream. This program was brought forth in 2015 to reduce the processing time and fast-tracking the immigration process. You can also apply for permanent residence in Canada once you qualify for the Express Entry immigration program.

Three Economic Programs Under The Express Entry Program

You can apply for the Express Entry visa through any of the following economic programs:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program or FSW : This program is for those who want to work in Canada and acquire permanent residence. Foreign workers with at least one year of work experience can apply for the FSW. Your eligibility will be assessed based on education, language proficiency and work experience.
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Program or FST : The FST is for those who want to immigrate to Canada and have a trade license. The popular occupations in this category include plumber, electrician, carpenter, etc. The purpose of this immigration program is to fill the labour shortages in these trades.
  3. Canadian Experience Class or CEC : You can apply for the CEC program if you are a foreign national, a temporary resident in Canada and have Canadian work experience. It is one of the most popular immigration programs of the EE system. You can apply for a permanent residence once you qualify for the CEC program.

How Can Green Path Immigration and Paralegal Services Help?

We have handpicked a team of qualified and experienced consultants to guide you through the entire application process efficiently. From determining the eligibility criteria to getting the documentation ready, we will help you with all. Have a word with our team today to know everything about the EE program.